Sea Mineral Compost for healthy soil and plants

At Ocean2earth we know the most important factor for happy and healthy plants is happy and healthy soil. That’s why we have dedicated our small business to improving soil health by harnessingย the power of the Sea by recyclingย discarded marine waste into an all-natural living soil conditioner and plant food. Ocean2earth Sea Minerals are one of nature’s most effective and eco-friendly soil conditioners containing a diverse population of beneficial microbesย that willย  provide long term benefits to your soil and plant health. Our Sea Minerals are made from 100% locally-sourced marine by-products making a Nutrient rich and microbially active compost that will bring out the best in your soil and plants

We are proud to be the only Australian sea minerals made 100% naturally using natural microbes.

Bring your garden to life with sea mineral compost from Ocean2Earth Australia
About our Sea Mineral compost, our sea mineral compost is one of natures most effective and eco friendly soil conditioners. It is nutrient rich and microbially active that will bring out the best in your soil and plants
About Ocean2Earth, we divert on average 200-300 tonnes of marine waste from landfill each year. We are better managing fish and other organic marine waste
Colour with Ocean2Earth. Our colouring-in page is designed to inspire kids through visual art and creativity to learn more about the diversity of gardens.