What can go into the fish bins?

Any organic marine waste can go into the fish bins. This includes (but is not limited to) offal from any fish, abalone, sea urchins, oysters, mussels, seaweed and other marine creatures. You can also discard your left over bait. But remember, choose the right bin and PLEASE REMOVE FROM THE PLASTIC BAG FIRST!! (Bega Valley Shire Council has provided yellow recycling and red landfill bins at the boat ramps to help you).

Can I put plastic into the fish bins?

The simple answer is NO. Strictly no plastic or general waste in the fish marine waste bins please! We have to decontaminate the fish bins by hand so please choose the right bin for your marine waste. Bega Valley Shire Council has provided red and yellow bins at the fishing boat ramps for your general waste and recycling to make it easy to ‘choose the right bin’.

Can I put newspaper/cardboard into fish bins?

No, please put your recycling in the yellow recycling bin provided. Nothing apart from organic marine waste should go into the blue fish bins.

How is the fish composted?

We mix the marine waste with local pine bark, then hot composted and aged until the waste is broken down. The organic compost is then tested to meet EPA regulations and Australian standards, then is bagged or delivered in bulk for people to use on their gardens.*

What is in the compost?

The organic marine waste compost is made by combining by-products from two of the Bega Valley’s major industries – fishing and forestry. We mix the marine waste  with pine bark which is sourced from local renewable plantation timber, add a specialised innoculant and cover until the compost is ready for sale. By combining these two waste materials, the result is a premium sustainable organic compost product – great for your garden!

*Where can I buy the fish compost?

*Ocean2earth Australia is currently working with the Environment Protection Authority to develop appropriate sampling controls and quality assurance procedures for the organic compost product. We are hoping to have organic compost commercially available for you to use on your garden by September 2019, watch this space!

How can I get my local Council involved?

Ocean2earth Australia would love to extend its services to other interested Councils along Australia’s east coast. We would be more than happy to discuss providing fish marine waste bins and a marine waste collection service at your local fishing boat ramp. Your local Council can contact O2E staff through the contact details provided on this website to get the conversation about turning fish waste into compost started.

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