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Ocean2Earth converts waste materials into a value-added product, finding opportunities to grow through challenging times.

Ocean2Earth’s is an excellent illustration of how businesses can adapt during challenging times, and how seeking opportunities in the face of adversity can not only help overcome difficulties but also elevate a product.

“Know where resources are located, what is available locally, and how you can use that to take your product”

Environmental composting business Ocean2Earth is the coming together of two brothers who were looking to launch a war on waste. Based in the Bega Valley – an area boasting beautiful hinterlands, winding rivers and coastal waterways – Ocean2Earth had access to an abundance of local natural waste resources.

By using local resources and products, Ocean2Earth have been able to demonstrate its passion for the environment and circular economy, all while making a difference to its local landscape and community.

Ocean2Earth’s success can be attributed to its connection with the land and community, and its collaborative effort with local businesses and the Bega Valley Shire Council to reduce excess waste in the Shire.

“Think outside the box and beyond your market in the local area, always think about the next step”

Utilising local fish waste from fishing boats and seafood processes, timber by-products and a house-made microbial inoculant, Ocean2Earth has created a 100% natural product that not only works to keep the local community free of waste but also brings great benefits to the garden.

Having launched in April 2019, the start-up was impacted substantially by the Black Summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through support from government grants and subsidies and pivoting to support a booming online market driven by the pandemic, Ocean2Earth was able to continue to thrive despite the odds.

“Secure your infrastructure, sort out your regulatory items and make sure your business is in a position where other businesses will want to take you on as a partner”

Major suppliers like Mitre 10 began to show interest in the Ocean2Earth Soil Enhancer, but the business didn’t have the infrastructure at that stage to take it to the next level.

By partnering with Pentarch Group and pulling the product from the self for a few months to focus on establishing the appropriate infrastructure, Ocean2Earth was able to grow into the next phase of its business.

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Ocean2earth fish compost launched to Australian market

Ocean2earth Australia is dedicated to turning marine waste into a clean, green and fully-natural fish compost, potting mix and other high quality gardening products. Ocean2earth Australia fish compost is not just an ordinary compost. It is a living soil full of beneficial microbes and naturally-composted sea minerals. 100% Australian made, 100% natural and 100% environmentally friendly with no artificial additives. The company plans to expand its technology in the future to offer a full range of fish-based soil conditioning products such as liquid fertiliser and fertiliser pellets.

Ocean2earth Australia collects marine waste from boat ramps and seafood processors, plus other byproducts from industries such as forestry and food manufacturing, that would normally be deemed “waste” and transforms it into premium recycled gardening products.

Using an innovative natural composting process and a newly EPA-approved composting method, they produce a concentrated and highly effective compost which is odour free, 100% natural and has been proven to be extremely effective for improved growth and plant health, as well as improved soil health.

Ocean2earth is based in the NSW Bega Valley in a region renowned for its pristine coastal waters and clean, green environment. Ocean2earth’s long-term goal is to expand this innovative ‘compost not landfill’ concept right along the Australian coastline, creating jobs and contributing to a global war on waste and circular economy movement.

Ocean2earth fish compost is available in small, conveniently sized bags for the home and market gardener. It is a highly-concentrated compost and a little goes a long way. For example our 3L bags have enough compost for 3.65 square metres of soil.