Ocean2earth Australia is a niche company dedicated to recycling discarded marine waste into a clean, green and fully natural fish compost, potting mix and other high quality gardening products to be recycled back into the gardens and landscapes of Australia.

“Ocean2earth Australia is proudly supporting local jobs and industry”.

Ocean2earth Australia collects marine waste from boat ramps and seafood processors, plus other products from industries such as forestry and food manufacturing that would normally be deemed ‘waste’ and transforms it into premium recycled gardening products. Using an innovative natural composting process and a newly EPA-approved composting method, Ocean2earth Australia produces a concentrated and highly effective fish compost. It is:

  • Odour free
  • 100% natural
  • 100% Australia
  • Extremely effective for improved growth and plant health
  • Extremely effective for improving soil health

Our long-term goal is to expand this innovative ‘compost not landfill’ concept right along the Australian coastline, creating jobs and contributing to a global war on waste and circular economy movement.