What is Sea Mineral Compost?

Ocean2earth Sea Minerals are a living soil with of a diverse population of beneficial microbes that are essential for healthy plants and soil. These soil microbes support the nutrient cycling in the soil which makes it easier for your plants to absorb the macro and micro nutrients they need to thrive.  Our Sea Minerals have a marine-based component providing the protein feedstock, and a wood-based component providing the carbohydrate feedstock to stimulate the perfect culture of microorganisms for a fully living soil.
The Sea Minerals improve the structure of your soil and increase your soil’s ability to absorb and retain moisture plus boosts plant immunity to help reduce the risk of plant diseases. Our Sea Minerals are 100% Natural, no artificial additives, Eco friendly and odour free.
Sea urchin and fish are naturally high in calcium carbonate and other important bioavailable trace elements which stimulate enzyme activity and increase Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC) in soil. The slow-release Nutrients, Minerals and Trace Elements from our marine compost has been proven to be extremely effective for improved plant health and encourages root growth to give your plants the best start after being potted or planted in your garden.
Our Sea Mineral compost is suitable for adding to all soil types including indoor plants and also makes a great additive to bring your potting mix, seed raising and propagation medium to life. Perfect for use in the vegetable garden, on fruit trees and all outdoor plants including natives.
Ocean2earth Sea Minerals are highly concentrated and should be used in line with the suggested application rate of 1L per 1m2 of soil, so a little goes a long way. It’s easy to apply, sprinkle the Sea Minerals over your soil ensuring it’s mixed thoroughly and watered in well.
Ocean2Earth sea minerals - nutrients minerals
Ocean2Earth potting mix soil
ocean2earth seedling soil mix
Bring your garden to life with sea mineral compost from Ocean2Earth Australia