Product Information for our Fish Compost

Ocean2Earth marine industry waste compost

This compost has been tested for total and plant available nutrients and shows a very good quantity and balance of all nutrients required to support good healthy plant growth and the pH is near neutral. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium and magnesium are at very good levels for vigorous plant growth. Micronutrients are all at acceptable levels to support plant health and virality.

Overall, this is an outstanding compost and is by far the best of all the commercially available composts I’ve had the opportunity to analyse.

Bruce Davison
Principal consultant

We are proud to be the only Australian fish compost made 100% naturally using natural microbes.

Ocean2earth Australia closes the loop, creates local jobs and keeps waste out of landfill. Based on the NSW South Coast, we collect local resources that would normally go into landfill and make another valuable resource!

Our products will never go back into to landfill. Your garden will love them and they also regenerate our planet’s most valuable resource – soil!

How does it work?

Ocean2earth compost has a marine-based component providing the protein feedstock, and a wood-based component providing the carbohydrate feedstock to stimulate the perfect culture of micro-organisms for a fully living soil.

Our innovative composting process uses nature’s minerals, trace elements and nutrients from the ocean, recycled bark from renewable plantation timber and a specialised natural inoculant which creates a premium living blend your garden will love.

Sea urchin and fish is naturally high in calcium carbonate and other important bio-available trace elements which stimulate enzyme activity and increase Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC) in soil. The slow-release nutrients and minerals from our marine compost greatly improves the structural integrity of plants, increases growth and yield and builds plant disease resistance.